Below is a list of websites that you may find helpful.

DocuBank® | CLICK HERE
Part of your LifeDesign Legal Services™ includes a membership in the DocuBank® electronic health care document storage program. Click on this link to update information regarding your emergency contacts, their addresses or phone numbers. 


Directive Communication Systems | CLICK HERE

Part of your LifeDesign Legal Services™ enrollment includes a membership in the Directive Communication Systems program which provides you with an encrypted portal to send sensitive electronic files to the law firm. It also enables you to memorialize what actions you wish taken with your digital (i.e. internet) accounts after your demise.

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys | CLICK HERE
Have you ever wanted to find an attorney that embraces our counseling centered approach to estate planning? Visit the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys web site to find an attorney in a particular area of the country. 

Have you ever thought about being an organ donor? You can visit the LifeBank website for more information about the organ donation process.

Social Security Administration | CLICK HERE
Do you have a My Social Security account yet? Sign up so you can manage your account from home without the hassel of having to run around.

Southwest General Geriatric Hospital | CLICK HERE
Does someone you love need a little more help as they are getting older? Southwest General Geriatric can assist you with all your loved ones needs.

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