For some families, it will be important their estate plan includes protections assuring their loved one’s inheritance contain Trust Protections.  The protections can include:



Divorce Protection

Divorce Protection ensures a beneficiary's inheritance and the income it produces cannot be attached by an ex-spouse in a divorce proceeding.



Creditor Protection


Creditor Protection protects a beneficiary's inherited assets from being attached by their creditors or the creditors of their spouse or their minor children. 



Remarriage Protection


Married clients often opt to include Remarriage Protections in their estate plan which ensure assets acquired during the marriage pass to the children of the first marriage and not to the surviving spouse's new replacement spouse. 



Nursing Home Protection


A beneficiary's inheritance can be structured so that assets cannot be required to be spent down to qualify for governmental benefits that pay for nursing home care.



Expanded Protection Planning


An emerging concept in estate planning involves Expanded Protection Planning.  Studies suggest beneficiaries typically spend their inheritance in 18 months or less.  Expanded Protection Planning includes protections to ensure the beneficiary receives education on the common mistakes beneficiaries make with an inheritance.



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