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AERON extended member of our family. We engaged the service of Scott many years ago when our son Ethan was a toddler ... Ethan is now attending the Naval Academy. Over the years, Scott has consistently stayed at the cutting edge of estate planning and our family has greatly benefited. Scott is also a great coach and mentor to new attorneys entering the profession. He has also assembled an incredible staff of knowledgeable and polite professionals. In a nutshell, Scott is an extended member of our family and my most-trusted advisor.


Peace of Mind

Three years ago I lost my husband somewhat unexpectedly. We had made plans to meet with a lawyer, but the end came prior to our meeting. Following the initial aftershock, I determined I needed to have things in order for my children. I tried talking to other lawyers but felt no connection. Then friends suggested I meet with Scott. His compassion and understanding were the first things that drew me in, and upon reading all the material...


Knowlegeable and Caring Lawyer and Staff

(They) are always there to answer questions. Their reminders and ability to get you into a convenient Client Mtg. is excellent. My estate is small, but they treat everyone the same, with kindness, expertise, and professionalism.

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