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From time to time, clients have mentioned that they are interested in attending one of our educational programs but their scheduled conflicts with the workshop date. To compound the problem, often the people you have named as your successor trustees may live out of town and may not be able to attend a training workshop. 

We have created on-line educational workshops that can be viewed over the internet. No special software is required to view these workshops. Please note that we will continue to add additional workshops over time. Watch your client newsletter for information concerning new on-line educational workshops.

'What to Do' Workshop

This workshop provides clients and the people they have named to assist with winding down their affairs a practical overview of what things to be sure to do as well as what not to do when a loved one is mentally disabled or upon their demise. 

Follow these simple steps:

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  2.  Click here to print the handouts (PDF) that accompany the video.  

  3.  Watch the video by clicking on the play button.  

*If you experience any problems with viewing this video or downloading the handouts, please contact our office for assistance.

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How to Prepare Your Final Arrangements

With Anthony A. Ripepi, Jr. 

Mr. Ripepi, of A. Ripepi & Sons Funeral Home, is a licensed Funeral Director, Pre-need Counselor and Advisor. Mr. Ripepi hosted a strongly attended program on a number of topics such as pre-paid funeral plans, typical costs to expect, how to raise the issue of a funeral with a loved one, how to ensure your funeral wishes are carried out, what questions to ask your funeral director, and a host of other issues.

You may also download the handouts by clicking here.

“Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraud and Identity Theft continues to be an ongoing challenge each of us must be sensitive to on a daily basis.  Our guest presenters from Fifth Third Bank have provided this presentation on common ways criminals engage in fraud and identity theft and what steps you can take to protect yourself and your financial assets.

Education Day 2022

A new twist on client education involved a day long program that contained a series of breakout sessions on a variety of topics that we find impact our clients and their families on a regular basis.  In the display screens we have recorded each breakout session so you can watch only the session that is of interest to you.  You may also download the outline for the entire Education Day program by clicking here.

Part 1 – Ten Important Planning Actions to Do Now

 Part 3 - After a Disability:

Part 5 – What to Do When a Loved One Dies

 Part 2 – What To Do When A Loved One Is Ill:

Part 4 – Being a Caregiver

Part 6 – Changing Family Dynamics

 Part 7 – Trust Protections and Inheritance Mistakes


With Kami Imes, LSW, MSW and
Mary Beth Willi, LPN

Kami Imes and Mary Beth Willi discuss each of their unique experiences working at Hospice – Kami from the standpoint of a social worker and Mary Beth in the capacity of a Hospice Nurse.  This program will likely dispel a number of myths about what Hospices is, what it does (and what it doesn’t do) as well as what information families should know about Hospice.  Mary Beth also expanded her discussion into the dying process and the types of experiences a patient may have as they progress through that process.  This workshop was recorded on July 16, 2019.

Trust Protections

With Scott Williams and Ray Casey

Inheriting assets from a trust presents a unique opportunity to leave an inheritance protected against divorces, creditors, bankruptcies, law suits and other third parties with bad motives.  This presentation will delve into a deeper discussion of what protections exist, how the protections are maintained, as well as the most frequently asked questions we receive about Inherited Trusts.


With Raymond J. Casey, Esq. and Scott A. Williams, Esq.

On January 1, 2020, the SECURE Act took effect which impacts qualified retirement plans.  This new statute significantly changed the planning landscape for qualified retirement plans both during the life of the owner (i.e. the Participant) and after their death.  This presentation will provide an in depth overview of the various changes to the law as well as possible strategies to consider to reduce income taxation of plan proceeds.

Florida Community Property

With Scott A. Williams, Esq. and Raymond J. Casey, Esq.

A new form of property ownership for married residents in the state of Florida is called “Community Property”.  This presentation will provide a detailed overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this new form ownership.

Charitable Estate Planning

With Scott A. Williams, Esq. and Chris Burdon, Executive Director

One of the best ways to perpetuate your values and leave a lasting legacy is to provide for a gift to a charitable organization in your trust.  Scott Williams and Chris J. Burdon identify a number of issues to consider when making a charitable bequest.  Chris is the executive director of Southwest Community Health Foundation and has extensive experience working with hundreds of donors throughout his career.  Scott and Chris discuss issues to consider when leaving assets to charities, how to make the greatest difference with your gift, how to partner with advancement officers in the discernment process as well as a number of sophisticated charitable trust strategies.

Senior Housing Options

With Peter McDermott, MSSA, LISW-S, Client Care Coordinator

Many of our clients have downsized from their big home to Independent Living in retirement communities.  Client Care Coordinator Peter McDermott shares insights on different types of senior housing options from Independent Living, to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing.  Peter shares what questions you should ask and factors to consider when making this important decision.

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