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Gardening Together

Topics Include:

April 2019

  • Registering for Events

  • New Event Locations

  • Documents on Deposit with Your Hospital

  • New Format for Annual Client Meetings

  • Estate Planning Review Reports

  • Client Advisory Board Update

  • Directive Communication Systems Training Programs

  • Tax Law Update

  • Ohio Passes Legislation to Protect Against Elder Abuse

  • Stuffed Dates Recipe

Volleyball Net

Topics Include:

August 2018

  • Making a Significant Difference

  • Welcome Kami Imes

  • Client Care™ Program Kick's Off

  • BMV Next of Kin Service

  • Summer Education Program Update

  • How Your Documents are Updated

  • DocuBank® Expands Services

  • Client Advisory Board Update

  • Four Coping Strategies for Care Givers

  • Dementia & Alzheimer's Recommended Readings

  • Chicken and Vegetables Recipe

Working on a Pottery Wheel

Topics Include:

February 2018

  • Tax Cut and Jobs Act Overview

  • Scam Alert

  • Summer Education Programs Return

  • Directive Communication Systems

  • Holiday Open House Reflections

  • DocuBank® Medication Lists

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Mac-n-Cheese Recipe

Getting Soup

Topics Include:

November 2017

  • Breaking Records on This Journey Together

  • Long Term Care Insurance - Not the Product It Used to Be!

  • Preparing a Winter Safety Kit For Your Vehicle

  • Take the Traffic Law Quiz

  • 1099's and End of Year Account Statements

  • Grocery Delivery Services

  • How Long Should I Keep Those Records

  • Estate Planning Crossword Puzzle

  • Equifax Data Breach

  • Protecting Yourself Online

  • Stuffed Cabbage Soup Recipe

Moving Boxes

Topics Include:

July 2017

  • Creating Our Own Reality

  • Satisfy Required Minimum Distributions by a Gift to Charity

  • When You Move

  • DocuBank Refresher

  • Red Means Stop

  • What Do Those Flashing Yellow Left Turn Lights Mean?

  • FDIC Coverage Limits

  • Tips for Care Givers

  • Scam Alert

  • Sweet Corn & Clam Chowder Recipe

Shovelling Snow

Topics Include:

February 2017

  • Good Things Happening in 2017!

  • Let Me Introduce Myself - Jennifer Allen, Esq.

  • Let Me Introduce Myself - Raymond Casey, Esq.

  • Paying Debts When a Loved One Dies

  • Ohio Legacy Trusts

  • 2017 Tax Law Update

  • Do I Have to Shovel That Sidewalk

  • Client Advisory Board Update

  • First Merit Becomes Huntington on February 21st

  • Hot Chicken Casserole with Toasted Almonds

Men with Calculator

Topics Include:

October 2016

  • The Year in Review

  • Client Advisory Board Update

  • Asset Consolidation

  • 2016 What to Do Workshop Schedule

  • Scam Alert - The IRS Never Calls!

  • Holiday Schedule

  • Grilled Shrimp Foil Packets Recipe

  • Time to Fall Back 

Wine Bottles

Topics Include:

February 2016

  • Looking Ahead to Exciting Changes in 2016

  • Organ and Tissue Donation: Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2016 Federal Tax Law Update

  • Attention! Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds Bought in 1986 are Maturing This Year

  • 2016 Homestead Exemption Update

  • Meet and Greet Wine Tastings

  • Settlement Simplification

  • Is Your Safe Deposit Box Properly Titled to Your Trust?

  • "Not Cho" Typical Appetizer

Father and Son Flying a Drone

Topics Include:

November 2015

  • From the Desk of Joe Ferraro

  • A Message from Scott

  • Services Provided Survey

  • Funding Savings Bonds

  • Facebook Allows Users to Choose an Account Heir

  • Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts, Blue Cheese & Cranberries

Audience and Lecturer

Topics Include:

July 2015

  • The Latest Happenings

  • From the Desk of Doston B. Jones

  • "If you could leave behind one lesson about money to loved ones, what would it be?"

  • Transferring Vehicles Without Probate in Ohio

  • Using the "Wait-and-See Cotrustee" for Disability

  • The Problem with "Do-It-Yourselfers"

  • Living Legacy Workshop

  • Estate Planning Workshop for Gay and Lesbian Couples After Obergefell v. Hodges

  • Tax Issues When Funding Your Car to Your Trust

  • How to Open Up a New Bank Account in the Name of Your Trust

  • It's Summer, Let's "Stalk" Corn

  • Wills and Estates

Working Coffee

Topics Include:

February 2015

  • The Year Ahead

  • Facebook Announces Digital Legacy Service

  • Hearing Assistance Now Available

  • 2015 Tax Update

  • Lessons Learned From Robin Williams' Estate

  • King's Hawaiian Ham Sliders

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